Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This was the weather on my drive into work this morning...
Nice day out right?? (At least it's the high 50's!)

I got to work this morning and I was starving. I pulled out my trusty box of oatmeal packets, and decided to try a new kind of oatmeal a co-worker gave me. It should be noted that I am not the biggest fan of oatmeal, and it took me many tries and fails until I found the ONLY oatmeal I actually like: Weight Control Maple and Brown Sugar. I don’t always like to make it at work, because it makes the whole place smell like syrup and everyone that walks by has to exclaim… “Ohhhhhhhhh! That smells so good! Who made pancakes?! Or Waffles?!” or “Next time bring enough for all of us!”Too much attention pointed my way if you ask me. So I tried this new kind: Kashi GoLean Honey and Cinnamon. After exploding the first one in the work microwave, and half of the second one, I finally sat down to try it:

And after one bite I knew it wasn’t for me (not a fan of honey… at all). So I gave my last packet away to a co-worker, dumped a packet of splenda in, and ate it. Boooo. Here’s hoping to a better lunch!

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