Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oatmeal... Part 2

So Walter has been trying to get me to try his plain oatmeal that he eats every morning for breakfast. After much procrastinating and "forgetting" to bring it to work, I finally gave in and tried it this morning. I made it in the work microwave (it didn't explode, which was a good thing!), dumped 2 splendas in, and tried a bite...

and it was good! (I think the 2 splendas helped!) I can totally see myself eating this every morning and actually enjoying it. I tried to add some cinnamon to a bite, and I was not a fan. The good news is, its healthier and cheaper then most other oatmeals out there. I was thinking of toppings i could add (fresh berries were all I could come up with so far). Any ideas? 

Snack: 1/2 a Kashi Go Lean Bar
Lunch: Some of the Quinoa with Black Beans, Corn, and Cilantro that I made last night, and some hummus with multigrain chips and red peppers.
Snack #2: Coffee and the other half of the Kashi Bar
Dinner: A can of Italian wedding soup with a slice of provolone cheese melted in, and 2 of the mini artichokes I made (one with stuffing, one without). They were SO GOOD! 

Walter was nice enough to make this for me because I still don't feel good. He brought my dinner AND Molly's dinner right up to us 2 sick girls!

I also drank my 64 oz of water (crystal light iced tea, if we need to get technical), and had no soda! Now only if I could get to the gym....

Awwww look! Molly is helping me write this blog as we speak!

She is too cutie. Annnnnnnd now she's sleeping... it must've been all that typing she did!

I think I am going to follow Molly's lead and get some rest. Night all!

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