Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I woke up to this lovely weather this morning… 
which allowed me to wear these…

But seriously, feels like 6?!? Its times like these that make me want to move back to Florida immediately! I put Molly’s sweater on her and she posed for me J

So I had my second weigh in yesterday and I am down another pound!
Total weight loss: 2 pounds
Weight Loss Remaining: 48 pounds
I think I could have lost more, but some things I ate (bacon, pizza, CHIPOTLE) hindered my weight loss this week. At least I am loosing, but I need to kick it up a notch! This leads me to my next topic…SABOTAGE…
Yesterday morning, I woke up, felt great, weighed myself and was down a pound (and that was BEFORE I peed, so it was probably between 1 and 2), put my work pants on, and they felt looser! I think it’s because I have been cutting down on sodium, and haven’t had any soda, I am less bloated. So I go to work feeling great, and then I sabotage myself. I went out to lunch with some coworkers to the Asian fusion place we usually go to, and instead of ordering my usual (semi-healthy) sushi lunch, I went all out and got pork fried rice and sesame chicken. Could I have BEEN any unhealthier? And after I ate it, I felt bloated, tired, and like crap. And since I felt that way, I went ahead and got Boston Market for dinner, which I also haven’t had in months. And after I ate that, I felt bloated, tired, and like crap. I am trying to make healthier changes but I still seem to be making the same mistakes. I would LOVE to know why I do this to myself, because I obviously hate being the weight that I am currently. Furthermore, I have been telling myself I needed to eat super healthy Monday and Tuesday, because the rest of the week is filled with Christmas parties and events. Now the chance of me loosing weight this week is slim to none. All I can do is treat today like a brand new day, and make sure I (now even more so) make healthy choices at every meal. Even at the parties! (easier said than done!)
For breakfast I had a green tea and oatmeal with half a banana and a few craisins, and for lunch I made a roast beef and cheddar cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread, and a huge ass pickle. I guess it’s a start.

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