Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Party Time!

Yesterday was a very busy day! I started off with my now usual breakfast of oatmeal with craisins and walnuts. During lunch, I ran errands, and then picked up Wendy’s to eat at my desk. I got their “you pick two” deal with half a Baja salad (with chili) and a baked potato. Since the salad has chili, it didn’t need dressing, so I used the dressing on my potato! For a snack I had a handful of trail mix during my afternoon meetings.
After work, we had our work Christmas party! I really wanted to be sure I didn’t overeat, or eat unhealthy food, and I think I ended up UNDER eating (mark it on the calendar haha). I had 2 drinks, and I picked something super sweet so I didn’t drink too much (I had a 45 minute drive home!) I had 2 Bacardi peach drinks, one with sprite, and one with DIET sprite! I knew I should have asked for diet from the start! For food, I got a small plate (like a dessert plate size) and filled half with salad, and the other half with penne vodka, a small piece of garlic bread, and a small slice of turkey. I also ate a stuffed mushroom and a steak skewer. And that’s it. No dessert (there was a lot), no other apps, no cheese and crackers, nothing! When I got home I was starving though, so I put myself to bed.
This morning I broke out my new water bottle!
I keep hearing good things about Contigo, and my old water bottle needed to be retired a looooong time ago. So far I really like this water bottle! It has oz. measurements on the bottle, so you can keep track of how much you’ve drank (I am at 36 for the day so far!) You have to push this button in the back to open the mouth so you can drink, which prevents leaking. It just keeps spitting water in my face lol. I think I just need to get used to using it.
Right now I have a work call from 11-1, so I grabbed a snack from the vending machine to hold me over until lunch: 
I was pleased to see that 3 slots in the vending machine had pretzels – there is usually nothing healthy in there. I picked these Honey Wheat Braids. That’s it for me for now – going to listen to the rest of this call, and try to find something healthy for lunch at 1, since I forgot to bring something today. Have a great day!

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