Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Gift Wrapping!

The other night, Molly and I got busy wrapping Christmas gifts:

And then I opened my first Christmas gift! (well, Molly tried to open it first):

 It was a batch of homemade cookies from my coworker!
 And chocolate covered oreos!
 Molly got herself wrapped in the bow...
 And after I tried tying it around her, she had enough!
 But then she gave in.
 She's so cutie!
 After a long night of wrapping, I had this guy. It was SO GOOD!

Yesterday's Food:
Breakfast - oatmeal w/craisins and walnuts
Snack - handful of trail mix
Lunch - pizza (yikes!)
Dinner - Christmas Party!

Last night Walter and I went to a Christmas party over at a friends house. Sadly I didn't take any pics, but it was a ton of fun! I ate way too many chips though! I had 2 cherry vodka and diet cokes, many chips and onion dip, some chips and buffalo chicken dip, and a dinner plate of salad, baked ziti, and lasagna. I brought the salad:
It was a mixed greens salad with smoked gouda, walnuts, and craisins. So good! We also did two white elephants - one new and one regift. I ended up with a DSW gift card and a neck massager. Not bad!

Today is going to be an eventful day. It will officially be my first CHEAT DAY, (even though yesterday's eating was awful), and SANTACON! More on that to come...

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