Monday, April 4, 2011


Last week and over the weekend, I learned some pretty important lessons. On Thursday night, I was feeling pretty lazy, and didn’t feel like preparing a lunch for Friday. When Friday came around, I was tired, and all I wanted was junk food. So I decided to have a cheat day. I started off the day with a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and an egg white veggie sandwich – not too bad. Then, as lunch rolled around, I was in a rush, and quickly ordered a tuna sandwich from a deli with chips. Normally, I would NEVER get a tuna sandwich from anywhere if I didn’t make it myself (too risky), but here I was, on a no meat Friday of Lent, and in a bind. Hey, it’s a cheat day, why not right? I ended up feeling sick to my stomach all night, and basically ALL WEEKEND.
Lesson One: PLAN AHEAD! Even if I didn’t FEEL like making lunch, I should have taken the 10 minutes to do so. Not taking the time to plan ahead basically cost me the whole weekend, and gave me the excuse to eat like crap all day on Friday. I could have even taken 2 minutes to look through the freezer and pick out a vegetarian frozen meal, but apparently I was too lazy to do that too. Lesson learned.
Lesson Two: No excuses! Even though I didn’t plan ahead, it really shouldn’t have given me the excuse to eat like crap the entire day. A mayonnaise filled tuna sandwich? CHIPS? Really?! The second that tuna hit my stomach, I knew I made a mistake.
I ended up going to see The Strokes at Madison Square Garden on Friday night, and after a few servings of Emetrol (anti-nausea medicine), ginger ale, and a slice of pizza, I ended up having a great time at the concert! (Thank God) But my stomach wasn’t right for the rest of the weekend.
Saturday I was a waste of life. I sat on the couch and munched on pretzels and ginger ale until Walter and I went to a friend’s house to watch final four basketball. I didn’t do a bracket this year, so I didn’t even know who was playing! I was feeling better, so I managed to eat some cheese and crackers, roast pork, and baked ziti. I usually don’t do dessert, but there were mini red velvet cupcakes that looked amazing, so I had one – it was great!
Sunday I was also a waste. I hung around the house, cleaning, and took Molly for a walk. I ate a breakfast sandwich, soup, and some pork, mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts for dinner. I finally felt better last night!
This morning, I finally got to try the mango Chobani yogurt! When I bought the mango and pineapple flavors, I didn’t realize they were both 2%. I haven’t tried 2% yet either, so it was a total new experience for me! Sadly, the mango was just OK. The yogurt was tooooo thick (thanks 2%!) I am used to Dannon Light n Fit, and I just recently started with greek yogurt, so I wasn’t the biggest fan of the texture. I was also hoping for more of a mango flavor, but it was basically plain yogurt with mango pieces mixed in. I made a yogurt bowl with banana, Bear Naked granola, and some Kashi Go Lean cereal.

Funny enough, I didn’t prepare a lunch for today either!!! I went to boil some chicken breasts to make another buffalo chicken salad, when I realized I bought chicken thighs by mistake, and ran out of lettuce! I will probably run to the grocery store during lunch to pick up those items, and make a salad from their awesome salad bar! Alright, time to buckle down and finish off this dreary Monday!