Monday, December 20, 2010

Weigh In #3

This morning was Weigh In #3 and I lost another 1.5 pounds!!! And here I thought I wouldn’t lose anything this week J
Total weight loss: 3.5 pounds
Weight Loss Remaining: 46.5 pounds
Saturday and Sunday wasn’t very good eating for me. I had my first CHEAT DAY/weekend.
Breakfast – skipped (this NEVER happens)
Snack – a cookie
Lunch – Italian sub
Dinner – about half of a BLT and fries, and LOTS and LOTS of beer. I will explain that in a future post.
Breakfast – coffee
Lunch – a huge cheeseburger and some cheese fries (best hangover cure if you ask me)
Dinner – Italian Wedding soup with parmesan cheese

Monday :
Breakfast – Oatmeal with craisins and walnuts (I used the last of my walnuts today F!!!)
Tonight I am going to a Christmas Party for Walter’s work at an Italian restaurant…so I will be eating salad for lunch today.
Have a great day!

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