Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rainbow Cookies

I guess I have been really busy this Christmas season, and it is affecting how often I am posting! Hopefully it will get a little less hectic soon J Ok, so let’s pick up from where we left off.
Monday’s lunch - Progresso can of split pea soup, 2 saltines, and a slice of whole wheat bread.
Snack – handful of trail mix
Dinner – Walter’s work Christmas party! I had one large plate, and filled it with half salad, grilled peppers and mushrooms, and caprese salad. The other half was filled with 3-4 mussels, penne vodka and pasta with alfredo sauce. I skipped the bread basket (yay!) but had half a slice of amazing chocolate cake and a bite of Walter’s tiramisu (boo). I also felt like I drank an entire bottle of red wine myself! I am not the best at small talk, so I sipped on my wine glass most of the night. The second it got low, a waiter came over and filled it up to the brim it seemed like!

Tuesday I woke up nauseous (surprise surprise) because of the odd combo of foods and wine I had (I think it was the alfredo pasta and wine personally).
Breakfast – oatmeal plain (one splenda) and a Clementine. Someone left a bag of them in the kitchen at work for people to take. Score!


Lunch – I went to shoprite and got vegetable noodle soup from their soup bar. It LOOKED like it would be like chicken noodle without the chicken, but no such luck. Too many weird veggies. I ate it anyway and had a ton of pretzel goldfish on the side!
Snack 2 – ANOTHER RAINBOW COOKIE!!! If there is any dessert I would cheat on my diet for (other than choc. Cake), it would be rainbow cookies. They are my all time FAVORITE!!!

Dinner – Soup and Salad. Walter’s sister Christina arrived for the holidays, and she loves to cook. She whipped up an awesome soup filled fresh veggies, lentils, and small pasta straight from her recent trip to Italy! I will try and remember to snap a pic later. I had a small cup of soup, and a huge salad filled with mixed greens, chicken, craisins and feta. I made another one for lunch today!
Dessert  – A Clementine. I was busy working on my homemade gift for Christmas (a painting), and worked up an appetite.

I have said it before and I will say it again… Molly is NOT a morning person. As Walter and I were getting ready she kept sleeping…

And when she caught me snapping a picture of her she protested!

Today was bagel day at work! We get them once a month for birthdays, so I couldn’t skip. Especially when I discovered WHEAT EVERYTHING bagels in the mix! If you ask me, it is the perfect bagel.

I am learning more and more during this dieting thing that preparation is KEY to success. Knowing it was bagel day, I packed 2 triangles of Laughing Cow light Garlic & Herb cheeses. I think they taste SO good, and I used it instead of cream cheese.
 I ended up taking out all of the insides of the bagel, putting a dab of green olive cream cheese (because how could I now) on part, and used one of the triangles on the rest.
 I saved the other triangle and ¼ of my bagel for lunch!

Have a great day!

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