Friday, January 7, 2011


I started this Christmas post 2 weeks ago! I was going to come back in the new year with a recap of the holidays, but I will finish this Christmas post, and tell you about New Years next!

Christmas was... interesting. Christmas Eve was awesome, we had a great dinner and a great time. We made napkin frogs for the table (lame I know LOL).
Walter helped cook in the kitchen. Christmas dinner consisted of potato salad, pierogies, salmon, lobster, and shrimp.
Nicholas was helping too...until he decided to "pose" for a picture with the dogs. Too cute!
Before bed, Nicholas brought cookies into the living room for Santa...
But on the way, he ate one!
Walter and I posing with the pups on Christmas Eve.
On Christmas, I woke up not feeling too hot. Walter's sister had a stomach virus the day before, and Walter and I ended up both getting it on Christmas. NOT fum. But I made it through presents before going to bed for the rest of the day. Here is Molly opening her own present!!!! She has skills!
And she had on her tacky Christmas sweater
Here is the tree with a ton of presents!
The Day after Christmas, we were hit with a huge snowstorm...and the rest of walter's family got the stomach virus. Here are some pictures of the aftermath. My car:
Walter's car:
And the street with 31 inches of snow!

Christmas was good all in all, but I wish we weren't all sick! I have a weak stomach, so I ate bread, pretzles, and soup through Wednesday. New Years post coming up next!

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