Thursday, March 24, 2011

Starting FRESH!

So I have gone on a couple vacations, taken a break from working out and dieting, and now i am officially BACK on the dieting, exercising, healthy way of life I was loving so much before!

I have still been hovering around the 10 pound weight loss since I last weighed in (I hope - lets see what my weigh in says on Thursday!)

I started my healthy eating off RIGHT yesterday morning with a delicious yogurt bowl for breakfast.
 In the mix: a nectarine, Light n Fit raspberry yogurt, Special K, and chia seeds!
I think Molly wanted some too :)

Lunch was a corned beef sandwich on a whole wheat bagel thin with provolone and a pickle slice. And i may have gotten a little out of hand with hummus and multigrain chips, but they are muntigrain, right??? :)

Dinner was whole wheat pasta with sausage, sauce, and a scoop of fat feww ricotta. I also had a side of green beans and a small salad as my appy.

This mornings breakfast was another yogurt bowl! This one included Light n Fit raspberry yogurt, 1/2 banana, Bear Naked Fit granola, and chia seeds!

I am going to stasy committed to my weight loss goals this time, I mean it!

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