Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Molly's 1st Birthday!

Monday was Molly's FIRST Birthday!
Isn' she cute? Her day started when Walter and I got home from work, and we took her on a long walk in the park by the house. She ran, chased ducks, tried out her new harness, and had a great time! 

Next was dinner, where she had some chicken in her bowl as an extra birthday treat. I have never seen her eat so fast in my life!

THEN..... Dessert!
 She saw it and became pretty interested...
 But after I unwrapped it she HAD to have it!
 She wanted this treat so badly she JUMPED ON THE TABLE! If it wasn't her birthday, she would have been in big trouble!
After she licked half the icing off, and i broke off the very top piece of the cookie for her to eat (it was huge!) she let out the looooooongest burp!!! I guess she is becoming less modest with age? :)
Next we gave her some toys:
 Surprisingly enough, the red ring only lasted about 15 minutes. She ate off all the little red bumps so we had to throw it out. Oh well! But good thing I couldn't stop at one toy, because the next one was a winner.
Lastly, we gave her a bone that she was OBSESSED with. She woke up every hour throughout the night to re-hide it because she loved it so much! (she did that last night too, so the bone has since been removed from our room)

 Needless to say, the next morning she was POOPED! She was definitely spoiled on her birthday!


  1. heehee too cute. happy belated to her :)

  2. TOO CUTE!!
    I wish I could find birthday dog treats for my furball but I haven't had much luck. Did you get that from some sort of specialty store??