Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back on Track!

Happy Tuesday! In going along with getting back on track, Saturday evening was spent at Trader Joes buying healthy food (you know, after our sushi dinner!), and Sunday was spent prepping healthy food for the week. I turned on some music, and spent a few hours in the kitchen prepping some meals:

·    Crock Pot Chicken and Mushrooms
·   Spicy Beef Udon Soup (tasted awesome on Sunday for lunch... not so  much for dinner tonight. WAY too spicy!)
·   Washed and cut all the lettuce for the week for salads
·   Washed a bag of kale and made Kale Chips
·   Baked Beer bread (mostly for Walter)
·   Buffalo Chicken Salad for Monday’s Lunch – I saw an easy buffalo chicken dinner made here, and wanted to try and recreate it on my own! I threw a chicken breast in water and boiled it up, pulled it apart (put some aside for Molly’s birthday dinner), and added franks red hot. Walter and I tasted some, and it was excellent! I threw it in a Tupperware with lettuce, onion, black beans, and low fat ranch for lunch. It was DELICIOUS! I want to make a whole batch now!

It feels so good to have healthy meals waiting for me in the kitchen for the week. I feel so ahead of the game now!

Monday's Eats:
Breakfast - Whole wheat bagle thin with banana and Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter - SO GOOD!!!
Lunch - My awesome buffalo chicken salad. I seriously want to mass produce this buffalo chicken and eat it every day forever!
Dinner - Pizza! We got a pre made flatbread pizza dough from Trader Joes for about $3 already seasoned with sea salt and italian seasoning i think?

We brushed the crust with olive oil, and topped the pizza with sauteed mushrooms and onions, goat cheese and shaved parmesean. It was DELICIOUS! I also left some plain to see how the flatbread tasted on its own. It was good! We ended up dipping it in ricotta and olive oil. The dough was crispy on the outside, and doughy on the inside. So good, and dinner was cooked and on the table in about 15 minutes!
Today's Eats:
Breakfast - a luna bar and a yogurt. The Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick bars are my fave! Some of the other ones can be a little bland.
Lunch - Salad with walnuts and craisins, and leftover pizza
DinnerSpicy Beef Udon Soup - not a fan reheated. Its a shame too, because I was craving it for weeks! At least i got my fix on Sunday when it was fresh and not too spicy!

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