Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Journey...

So here we go. I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember, and I have tried every diet under the sun to loose weight. I have done Weight Watchers, crash diets, cleanses, you name it. I always push my diet and exercise plan until "tomorrow", and tomorrow never comes. My friends and boyfriend have been trying to convince me and motivate me to go to the gym, but I can't seem to find the motivation myself, and keep coming up with excuses to "wait until tomorrow". The only thing I can think of to bring me success in my weight loss goals is to have others holding me accountable for my exercise and eating habits, which is why I am starting this blog! I am going to track my meals and exercise schedule here, and hopefully it will bring me the motivation i need to do it right this time.

Goal: To loose 50 pounds by Summer 2011!

I think I am finally ready to really make a lifestyle change...
And say goodbye to this weight! Wish me luck!!!


  1. I am SOOOO proud of you Jo! I'm glad you are doing this and will do whatever I can to help you meet your goal. Love you!

  2. Im proud of you P! I know you can do it :)

  3. You are my inspiration!!! After seeing this I'm hoping it will give me the motivation I have been looking for!!! Love you!!!

  4. Thanks guys! I love you too!!!

  5. I know you can do it Jo!! Proud of you!! xo I think this is a great idea!! So much easier to just skip the workout when know one is there to see! Miss you!